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You had a plan…Getting Pregnant wasn’t part of it.

Making an adoption plan is a path that can provide devoted parents to your child and allow you the freedom to continue on with your plans for your life. This choice can be made at any point during your pregnancy or after your baby is born. In today’s adoption, you can have have the peace of knowing your child is loved and cared for by the couple you choose. Many have chosen this before you and you don’t have to be alone in this choice.

  • The agency or organization you work with
  • The family for your child
  • If it’s an open or closed adoption
  • How much ongoing contact you have with the child
We’re here to give you help and support in all of your pregnancy options. We’re here to provide you with free resources and information about how to make the best plan that meets your needs. Many parents have walked this path and you don’t have to do it alone.

Finger Lakes Pregnancy Care Centers exist to provide you with accurate information on all your options and share resources that can help you make an informed next step.

Finger Lakes Pregnancy Care offers free counseling regarding your decisions but does not refer for or perform abortions.