Who We Are


Executive Director

“As a former client myself, I often can truly relate to what the clients that come through our doors are going through.”


Director of Development

“I enjoy being able to offer women and couples real help and hope in their present circumstances!”


Nurse Manager

“Whether a woman needs help processing pregnancy or their relationships with friends, family and/or children, it is a blessing to help them talk it through.”


Cortland Director

“I truly appreciate the women and families that come through our doors who allow me the opportunity to listen to their stories and to provide help and hope wherever possible.”


Ithaca Director of Mentoring

“My job allows me to go over some “How to’s”…I love to meet with people from all over the world!”


Relationship Health Director 
Director of Marketing

“It’s the greatest gift to be able to share life, hope and freedom with people!”


Nurse Sonographer

“I am passionate about women’s health and love coming alongside women to care for their health holistically in body, mind and spirit.”


Director of Client Services


Cortland Director of Mentoring

All of our volunteers!

Cortland & Ithaca Centers

One person can make a big difference! We are so grateful for the hours put in by our volunteers.