You are not alone.

Offering confidential and no-cost care to women in Ithaca, Cortland and surrounding areas.

You are not alone.

Offering confidential and no-cost care to women in Ithaca, Cortland and surrounding areas.


From pregnancy tests and options information to referrals for onsite ultrasounds and STD screening, we offer no-cost and confidential care for women.


Finger Lakes Pregnancy Care Centers are not medical facilities and do not provide medical services.

Cortland Center
4 Church St, Cortland
Call: 607.753.3909

Ithaca Center
210 West Green Street, Ithaca
Call: 607.273.4673

Impact Made

Finger Lakes Pregnancy Care Centers have been working with clients in the Ithaca and Surrounding areas since 1987. Our location in Cortland has been serving the Cortland and surrounding areas since 2013. We are a judgement free, confidential space for you to figure out your next step and be successful. It’s always your choice and we’re here to equip you with accurate information and resources.
We hope to see you soon at one of our centers!


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You can do this.