Photo of couple eating ice cream cones together.

Live Free & In Love

In a world that idolizes airbrushed pictures and fairytale social media posts, it can be easy to feel the pressures of perfectionism. Today, we want to remind you that a *healthy relationship always takes two people knowing when to forgive! In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget that forgiveness is always a choice. So what does that choice actually look like?

1. Every time you forgive, you choose to be brave. The brave soul is often the one that decides to eat the humble pie first. Forgiveness doesn’t just happen after an apology – sometimes it needs to happen before or even without an apology. Have you ever done something wrong and not realized it till later? Or have you ever done something and not wanted to apologize? We’ve all been there and the good news is, forgiveness isn’t dependent upon the other person – it’s just dependent on you! 30 seconds of courage to forgive can set you free. Thank you for being brave!

2. Forgiveness means that you won’t hold onto the mistake and build a case. It doesn’t mean that what the person did was right. Have you ever written a story against someone in your head? That story can turn into a 100 page medieval war drama if you’re not careful! The problem is, building a case against someone never brings peace or resolution – it only prolongs the effects of bitterness in your heart. In other words, it just might be time to throw out those old case files and let go!

3. Forgiveness says, you’re worth more and I’m worth more than this mistake.

Have you ever had a third wheel interrupt your date? I remember going out for lunch once only to discover that the majority of the time spent together was spent with a third wheel: his iphone! It’s easy to see how giving your attention to a phone on a date is wrong, but it’s important to understand that we can just as easily do that by holding onto resentment. What are you giving your attention to when you’re together? Are you holding on to every mistake? Next time you are tempted to include that third wheel of holding on to a grudge, stop and and remind yourself – you’re both worth more!

4. Forgiveness sets you free to respond in love instead of react out of fear. Choosing to forgive honors your value and worth and sets you free to keep on loving. So friends, dare to be brave this week and make the healthy, courageous choice to forgive and thrive together!
*If you feel you are in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, we urge you to get help and get out. Be safe first!